Client Reviews

Review of Emmanuel Coffy Esquire

I just finished writing a book and hired a graphic designer to illustrate it. Mr. Coffy drafted a contract for us both to sign and it was excellent! He created several clauses in the contract that addressed issues that I would have not even considered. He definitely knows how to think outside of the box.

– Matthew ★★★★★

Saved our home

My husband and I were facing a foreclosure on our home. Wells Fargo had repeatedly denied our request for a loan modification and reduction of our loan balance . We also had a substantial amount of credit card debt from when my husband became seriously ill and lost his job. Mr. Boyer was the only attorney who was really honest about what could and could not be done. He told us that no one can guarantee us a loan modification or a principal reduction. He said if we got approved for a loan modification, that we would have to make either 3 or 6 trial payments. He told us about Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and mortgage loan modification through the Bankruptcy Court’s loan modification program, but there were no guarantees. Mr. Boyer not only got us a loan modification, but also a significant reduction of our loan balance. He saved our family home.

– Darina ★★★★★

Honest with Great Integrity and Passion

I had the great fortune of being recommended to Attorney Boyer during crunch time to handle a case against a major bank. He is a true professional with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to law. He is super responsive and I have always received a call or email back from him within hours, which I think is very respectful given his work load.
If you need your problem solved and get what is best in it for you, I highly recommend Attorney Boyer.
Attorney Boyer took me personally from a place of turmoil in my life to stability within a few weeks so in my book he far exceeded my expectations!

– Henri ★★★★★

Helpful, Competent and extremely well-informed

As an investor looking to scoop up a property via an upcoming auction, I needed to have an honest understanding of the challenges one would face filing bankruptcy on behalf of a corporation. I was able to reach Mr. Boyer on a late Friday afternoon and he spent upwards of ten minutes helping me understand the challenges I faced, making sure he understood the situation clearly, and most importatnly, making sure his skills would be a fit for my needs. To say that his insights were tremendous would be an understatement. Mr. Boyer spoke me with me, not as a clock-watcher, but as someone looking to help. The risk involved in this transaction prevented me from paying for Mr. Boyer’s reasonable fees, but his name was definitely added to my rolodex!
Leonard Roy Boyer’s response:“Thank you for your kind words. I completely understand your decision not to proceed. I wish you the very best of luck.”

– Allen ★★★★★


I was seeking asylum, but had my application denied. Then I retained the law firm of Boyer Coffy, LLC. They explained the law in a way that I could understand. After filing a new application for asylum which they put together with me, I now have a new interview date.

– V ★★★★★

Fast and reliable

I am a subcontractor. I completely performed all the work that I had to to complete the job. The General Contractor owed me over $300,000.00 No matter what I tried, I was unable to get the GC to pay me. I retained Boyer Coffy, LLC to help me. They filed a Complaint against the GC in State Court. To my surprise, within 90 days, Mr. Boyer got me paid, plus my legal fees reimbursed by the GC.

– Val ★★★★★

New Chapter

I was referred to Boyer by a family member. He came to my aid as a lawyer at a very stressful financial time for me after a very emotional divorce. He was able to guide me through filing chapter 7 pretty smoothly. It was not nearly as daunting as i had anticipated due to his assistance and availability. It was also good that i was able to do most everything with him via phone and email.
I now feel more confident in moving forward financially.

– Darcy ★★★★★

Best lawyer for business owners

I was being harassed by someone who was never a client of mine. This person took to social media to defame my character and my business. Mr.Boyer immediately to a stop to this person and I have not had any problems since. I will use him for all my business needs. As a business owner it’s important to have an attorney for legal matters. I highly recommend Mr.Boyer. Great, honest and extremely professional.

– Dashnay ★★★★★

Best law firm that I have ever worked with

Boyer Coffy, LLC was the most professional law firm that I have ever worked with in my professional career. The communication between the firm and myself was flawless and consistent. The pricing for my issue (Chapter 7 Bankruptcy) was fair and “flat rate” rather than ridiculous “per hour” rates charged by most law firms.
I would recommend Mr. Leonard Boyer as an attorney for any legal issue. “Affordable expertise” is written on their business cards, and it is true to form.
Please contact them for any of the legal issues that they deal with. You will not be disappointed!

– Robert ★★★★★

Honest Professional

I have been dealing with Mr. Boyer for almost 2 years now in regards to my foreclosure and bankruptcy. Leonard has proven to be the consummate professional. My wife and I are enormously pleased with his service and his results . I would confidently recommend Leonard to my family and friends, and I have .
Leonard Roy Boyer’s response:Thank you Dean, it was a pleasure to be of service to you.”

– Dean ★★★★★


Mr. Boyer helped us when we needed guidance and help to save our home. He listened to my husband and I when we had questions and ALWAYS called us right away when we were in a panic. We appreciated his responsiveness so much! Martha and Ana were also so much help and helped to calm us when we had questions. We are now in a modification and truly appreciate all of Mr. Boyer’s hard work! Thank you!

– Marc ★★★★★

BK Legal advise

Very helpful in giving me legal advice/options
for a possible ch 13 BK i am considering.

– anonymous ★★★★★

Friendly and helpful

Leonard was quick to understand what i needed and promptly carried it out. He took time to make sure i understood what was to be done, then filed with the court.
I highly recommend him.

– ronald cook ★★★★★

I was a victim of physical abuse

I was a victim of physical abuse by my now ex-wife, when I consulted attorney Boyer. I was scared about being deported to my home country and worried about being out of status. Attorney Boyer after patiently listening to all the details of my situation told me about VAWA for men, which I had never heard of. It took a lot of time, but Attorney Boyer successfully got it for me. I do not have to give up my dreams now and I can stay legally in US. I owe it all to Attorney Boyer, if not for him, I don’t know what would have happened to me.

– Viad ★★★★★

Saved our home

When my wife and I met Mr. Boyer, we had tried a couple of loan modification companies to try to save our home from foreclosure. They made all sorts of promises, but in the end, we were facing a sheriff sale in 3 weeks.
Mr. Boyer explained how we could not only stop the sheriff sale, but also seek a loan modification through the Bankruptcy Court’s mortgage modification program.
We retained him and he gave us his business card. We were always able to reach him. The sheriff sale was stopped by the Bankruptcy and we were just approved for a permanent loan modification. Mr. Boyer and his staff were very helpful and professional.

– Sal ★★★★★


Mr. Boyer helped me with my bankruptcy case. Throughout the whole ordeal he was extremely easy to get in contact with, he never took longer than 24 hours to reply and he was always on top of things. I would definitely recommend him.

– Valli ★★★★★



– BARBARA ★★★★★

forclosure help

I was about to lose my home through foreclosure. A sheriff sale was scheduled for 4 days away. I called several attorneys but no one was willing to take my case. Then I called Boyer Coffy and spoke to Mr. Boyer. He told me not to worry and that he could stop the sheriff sale. He explained his course of action in clear simple terms, so it was easy to understand. He filed an emergency Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, which stopped the sale. Then later through the Bankruptcy Court’s loan modification program, he obtained a mortgage modification for me. He was patient and kind and always reachable. I would recommend him and his firm to anyone in need of saving their home.

– Ashley ★★★★★

He got me through a very difficult time

Amazing! Mr. Boyer, Martha and Ana made me feel at ease during a very difficult time in my life. There was always someone there by email, phone or in person when I had questions. I saw Mr Boyer’s ad on TV exactly when I was considering filing for bankruptcy. I called, spoke to him directly and he did not sugar coat anything. Answered all my questions and helped me get through this. I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Leonard Boyer. He knows what he is doing and his staff (Martha and Ana) were kind and compassionate and we’re there for me on MY schedule. Thank you!

– Judy ★★★★★

saved my house

When no one else could help me, I turned to Mr. Boyer for help. Although I was denied loan modification twice from Bank of America, Mr. Boyer told me that my best chance would be a loan modification through the Bankruptcy Court’s mortgage modification program. Although I was very scared, Mr. Boyer, was relaxed and comforting. He explained everything step by step. Thanks to Mr. Boyer and his staff, he saved my house! I am forever grateful. He did the impossible for me.

– Trudy ★★★★★

Affordable competent Bankruptcy Lawyer

Mr Boyer explained the entire process of filing for Bankruptcy. He was always available to us during the process to answer our questions and concerns. Mr Boyer and staff were very pleasant and patient which made the process easier.

– Christopher ★★★★★


After a long heart wrenching and money draining ordeal with mortgage companies and companies who claimed they would assist me in applying for a loan modification, I was lead to Attorney Boyer.
While he was clear that he could not guarantee results, he was equally clear about his knowledge and skill regarding these matters. He did his best to allay my angst and he and his staff kept me abreast of the process all along the way.
I received favorable news from my lender and was granted a loan modification that is affordable.
I would highly recommend this attorney to get the job done! I am ever so grateful.

– Theresa ★★★★★


As an RN, my drivers license and my car are very important to me. I am an on-call nurse, working at numerous different hospitals through out New Jersey and New York. But because of EZ-Pass Fines and Penalties (most of which I never knew about) my car was impounded, my registration was suspended and my job was at risk. After an extensive search, I found attorney Leonard Boyer. His calm and reassuring matter and quick action got me the help I needed. He filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for me, and wrote a few letters and solved my problem and saved me from financial and professional disaster. He was reasonably priced and always quickly responded to my calls and emails. A true live saver.

– Samantha ★★★★★

Helped with chapter 7

Mr. Boyer is very knowledgeable of bankruptcy laws. He has a professional staff Martha and Ana. They respond to all my questions.

– anonymous ★★★★★

Hired for litigation against contractor

I had major problems with a home improvement contractor. Despite paying him $75,000.00, he and his people only did a small amount of work, did not obtain permits and when I complained, they walked off the job and left my front yard and walk damaged. I sent him a couple of certified letters, but they were ignored. A complaint to the Better Business Bureau produced no results. I called several attorneys, but none of them wanted to take my case against this contractor. Then I found attorney Boyer. He took the time to meet with me, and reviewed all my documents. He was calm and reassuring. He told me about the N.J. Consumer Fraud Act and how if a Court agreed, I would get triple damages, plus attorney fees. Mr. Boyer proved to be a man of his word. It took almost a year, but he got the case settled before trial and I was awarded triple damages, plus my attorney fees. I would recommend him to anyone.

– Lauren ★★★★★

Highly Recommended

I came to Mr. Boyer with an EZ-Pass issue, I was extremely anxious as I did not know what to do to resolve this matter. Leonard immediately guided me with a resolution and I am happy to say within about two weeks my issue was resolved. He always takes the time to call you back & speak with you.

– Beth ★★★★★

Hired for my domestic violence trial

My wife filed a TRO against me and told me that she was going to ruin my life and that I would never be able to see my kids again. She told me that I would be a convicted felon and no one would ever want me again. This scared me very badly. I did not know what to do, so I called several attorneys before I found Mr. Boyer. I told him everything and he explained to me what my options were, and his voice was calm and reassuring. He told me that the Court system was fair, and he explained how to handle this case. My wife and her attorney would not negotiate and wanted to take this case to trial. I was very frightened, but Mr. Boyer reassured me and calmed me down. After a two hour trial, the Judge dismissed the TRO and I felt the weight of the world had been lifted from me. I am going to retain Mr. Boyer for my divorce. He made me believe in the legal system again.

– john ★★★★★


Hiring Mr. Boyer as my attorney was the best decision I ever made dealing with my legal matter. Mr. Boyer knows the law and represented my best interest. His legal expertise and professionalism went above and beyond my expectations throughout the course of my proceedings. Mr. Boyer worked tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome on my behalf. I would recommend the services of Mr. Leonard Boyer to anyone who desperately needs an attorney with expertise and a passion to fight for their clients best interest!

– Deborah ★★★★★

Hiring Leonard Boyer was the Best Decision We Made to Save Our Home

Thanks to Leonard Boyer and his team we were able to save our home from foreclosure.
We were receiving constant phone calls and letters from our creditors in the mail and ‘Sheriff Sale’ notices were being taped to our door informing us that foreclosure and removal from our home was imminent. We were several months behind in our mortgage payments and eventually, even when we attempted to make payments, the bank was rejecting our payments.
Before we went to Mr. Boyer and his team, our bank was unwilling to renegotiate the terms of our loan and in fact, had put us in a position that increased the pressure for us to give up and surrendered our home. A lien was placed on our bank accounts, funds were taken out and we had no way to stop it. We were unable to meet basic expenses like food, utilities and transportation. Once we hired Leonard Boyer, it all stopped and he helped us reach an agreement with our creditors , including the bank that holds our mortgage so that we were able to not only keep our home but meet expenses again. We went from not being able to sleep to saving our home and working on repairing our finances.
The process we went through has been long and at times difficult but, from the beginning, Mr. Boyer was honest and gave us no guarantees of a specific outcome but by following his advice, the possible outcome he initially suggested was achieved. His honest and clarity during our initial consultation was what made us our him and his team. It was the right decision.
Thank you Boyer and Coffee

– Nathaniel ★★★★★

A True Expert in His Practice He Saved My House [And His Paralegals are the Best]

First and foremost retaining Mr. Boyer was [and is] the best move a person facing foreclosure could do. I can unequivocally say the reason I retained him was that he spent over an hour on the telephone with me prior to my consultation explaining how he could assist me. Several other attorney’s I contacted wouldn’t even respond or were quite rude. He is a wealth of knowledge who has compassion and has his clients best interests’ always in his forethought. I left my first meeting with Mr. Boyer without crippling anxiety and dread. I was genuinely reassured that Mr. Boyer and his phenomenal paralegals would proactively act in my best interest and settle for nothing but the fair and just outcome I was entitled to. As a result of retaining Mr. Boyer I am secure in my house and I needn’t worry about the litany of harassing and misleading paperwork. Don’t try to work with the bank. Have Mr. Boyer deal with the bank. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the excellent paralegals Martha and Ana. This is a law office that keeps you in the loop and has helped me in ways that I will never forget.

– Corey ★★★★★

Highly Recommended!!!!

I would recommend Leonard highly. He is patient, knowledgable, thorough and has a great and pleasant demeanor. He was extremely helpful with a tax lien issue. I would recommend Leonard highly and enthusiastically.

– Andrew ★★★★★

Addresses all company needs

My business has a constant need to have attorneys available to answer our legal questions and make certain that our contracts are legally correct and binding. We were able to retain the firm as Counsel on a fixed monthly fee, which covered everything but litigation and collection matters. Since retaining Boyer Coffy, LLC my company has been able to avoid legal problems and solve existing ones. We have the security of knowing that an aggressive law firm is easily and readily available to my company. Prior to retaining the law firm of Boyer Coffy, LLC we had large legal bills from various firms that were we could rarely reach anyone besides a paralegal. The reason that I choose this firm over all the others, was that the partners took the time to listen to what I had encountered and provide and action plan to solve it. They both provided me with business cards which contained their personal business cell phone numbers. What they did for me was to provide access to attorneys directly. The partners and their staff made me feel comfortable and welcome. From the moment I walked in, I felt this was a different kind of law firm. By retaining Boyer Coffy, LLC we were able to get control of our legal costs and predictability and this gave me and my company peace of mind.

– Maureen ★★★★★


The law firm of Boyer Coffy, LLC and their staff know exactly what they are doing. The entire process of filing bankruptcy and having it explained step-by-step and knowing they were always just a phone call away made the entire process very smooth and drastically reduced the stress level of both my husband and I.

– sara ★★★★★

real estate

I wanted to invest in real estate, but I saw the mistakes my friends had made and I wanted to be properly protected and not suffer as they had. After searching and interviewing several attorneys, I meet with Mr. Boyer. He explained to me in simple terms how to set up the business and provide maximum protection against personal liability and tax benefits. I retained him to set up the right corporate structure for my business and in 6 months it has worked out very well and I have had no problems because of his work. I highly recommend Mr. Boyer to anyone with a legal problem. He is very calm and confident, and explains legal concepts without talking down to you.

– Dmitri ★★★★★

Excellent bankruptcy attorney

I recommend attorney Boyer for many reasons, he is excellent on what he does. He’s office is very efficient and professional. He understood my situation and guided me during my process and give good advised for preventing future mistakes.

– Ester ★★★★★

Compromised Information at dealer

I had a problem with a high class dealer, my information was compromised by one of the employees, I kept calling no one would listen, then I hired Mr. Boyer and got it resolve in a matter of days. I recommend him, great attorney.

– anonymous ★★★★★

Awesome Lawyer

I was facing the loss of both my business and my home due to a Bankruptcy Adversary proceeding. I was extremely scared, so after speaking to several attorneys, I met with Mr. Boyer. He was calm and confident, and took the time to reassure me and told me his plan for handling my situation. During the proceeding, he was aggressive and as a result of his knowledge, my home and business were saved. I would tell anyone who asks me for an attorney to see Mr. Boyer.

– MOHAMED ★★★★★

Highly recommended

Mr Boyer is a very successful and helpful Lawyer, Also an encouraging and responsible person. Thank you very much Mr Boyer and Marta (who works for him ).

– Seher ★★★★★

Excellent Attorney , really cares , works for his clients

Leonard got it , and helped me through a difficult time. He is exceptional, and I highly recommend him. He overcame other attorneys and defended me extremely well. He likes baseball and Star Trek what else can you say. Great guy.
Leonard Roy Boyer’s response: “Thank you very much for your kind words. It was my pleasure to be of service and get you through that ordeal. ”

– Philip ★★★★★


Mr Boyer answered all the questions we had regarding our bankruptcy and made a difficult time in our lives much easier!
Leonard Roy Boyer’s response:“Thank you very much for the kind words Mike. I am glad that I was able to help and make a positive difference in your life. ”

– Mike ★★★★★

solid professionalism

Both my wife and I were very pleased with Mr. Boyer and his entire firm’s staff. Ms. Martha was great as well. Aside from his professionalism, he has solid people skills.
Leonard Roy Boyer’s response:Thank you Tomas. We appreciate all our clients. We enjoy being able to help them and whenever possible make their lives better. ”

– Tomas  ★★★★★

Excellent Attorney

Mr. Boyer has helped us tremendously with our case. Nobody else dedicated so much attention to detail and effort. We cannot thank him and his staff enough.
Leonard Roy Boyer’s response:“Thank you, it is a pleasure to know that my efforts and that of my staff were able to help you and make a positive difference.”

– anonymous ★★★★★

Great Experience

Hiring Leonard Boyer was the best decision I made; he and his office manager Martha Cordova were with me through the entire timeshare exit process; thank you for your professionalism and patience, I would highly recommend Leonard and his team
– Altagracia Rodriguez

– anonymous ★★★★★

Privacy violation

I reached out to Mr Boyer to resolve an online privacy violation case. A photographer we had hired had posted family pictures online and refused to take them down. Mr Boyer issued official letter explaining the legal consequences of the action to the intruder. The issue was resolved the next day. Mr Boyer’s approach was very efficient and cost effective. I would highly recommend him for any legal issues/cases.
Leonard Roy Boyer’s response:Thank you for your kind words. I always provide aggressive cost-effective representation. It was my privilege to represent you and obtain the desired results.”

– anonymous ★★★★★

Mr. Boyer saved me!

My situation was pretty bad and Mr. Boyer came to the rescue. Due to the pandemic, it took a really long time to complete the process but today that finally happened. I am very grateful. He and Martha were very patient with me.

– Valerie ★★★★★

Highly recommended

I am writing this outline the excellence of service attorney Leonard provided me with in the time of desperate need to keep my family together and protected in the case or Domestic Violence. He provided me thorough consultation touching upon critical elements of the case. Upon that I hired him and throughout the process he gave me assurance that my family will not be divided and we will have a favorable outcome, and we did. So grateful for his service, time and efforts. I highly recommend him.
Leonard Roy Boyer’s response:“Thank you for your kind words. I always try to help my clients achieve their goals and objectives. Keeping families together, who are truly devoted to each other is very important to me.”

– Anmol ★★★★★

Did you say Bankruptcy? Awesome legal team.

Mr. Boyer and his paralegal team is very dedicated and experienced on Bankruptcy cases. If you are facing any debt crisis and thinking about filing bankruptcy, I would highly recommend affordable Boyer Coffy, LLC. Law firm and their staff. They are extremely helpful and will be there every step of the way. You will get an extensive answer to all your questions and they will explain step by step what will happen and what should you do next. They are very knowledgeable and experienced of the process for bankruptcy. I am thankful to them to make everything so smooth and simple.
Leonard Roy Boyer’s response:“Bankruptcy can be a very stressful time for anyone. It is important to both my firm and myself, to always be available to help our clients and answer their questions and concerns. By letting our clients know that we are always there for them, we are often able to turn something scary into something not to worry about.”

– Sefil ★★★★★

Professional Excellence

Attorney Leonard Roy Boyer was courteous, and understanding of my legal problem. He was compassionate and concerned about the outcome of my case. I was given the best legal advice, and help to make a good legal decision. My court papers were thoroughly examined and discussed. All of my questions were answered about my case during the consultation. He was kind, honest, easy to talk to, and easy to ask questions about my case. I felt like he wanted to make sure that I had all the legal help I needed during the meeting. He worked for my best interests. I’m grateful.

– Shrelle ★★★★★


I met with Mr. Boyer in regards to foreclosure summonse I received. Mr Boyer was very pleasant and made me feel at ease. He further assured me that he would do everything in his power to resolve the matter. After meeting with Mr Boyer, I knew that I gave made the right choice. Mr Boyer is definitely well experienced and took the time to answer all of my questions and concerns. Thanks again Mr Boyer
and I greatly appreciate your expertise and professionalism.

– Sam ★★★★★

Best immigration representation

I was placed in removal proceedings because I was not able to obtain any H1B visa sponsor after my current job was over. I was very frightened and had a wife and two children to support in the NJ and family back in India. I did not know if I could be helped. When I called attorney Boyer’s office, I was in a panic. He spoke to me and calmed me down right away. I meet with him for over an hour and I decided to place my life in his hands. He was able to prevent my deportation by getting prosecutorial discretion granted.

– Ravi ★★★★★

saved home

mr boyer saved our home that was in foreclosure. he got us an affordable new mortgage payment with property taxes included. he was always friendly and genuinely cares for his clients. he performed a miracle, and i can’t believe he saved our house. best lawyer ever! thank you so much!

– nina ★★★★★

Professional, prompt, knowledgeable, and pleasant

Unlike other lawyers I’ve dealt with in the past for my Russian immigrant friends, this lawyer was quick to answer questions and had a very professional demeanor but most importantly got the job done when retained. I highly recommend this lawyer for all immigration related questions and cases. Thank you!!

– Ronit ★★★★★

Excellent Attorney

Back in 2013, my husband was laid off of work and we had a hard time keeping up with the mortgage. After 6-12 months, I hired a “big well known” firm that told me they handled “NOTHING BUT MODIFICATIONS DURING FORECLOSURES.” They assured me they could & would get me out of foreclosure and get my loan modified. Well, for 2 years it was extreme trauma what they put me through, not returning calls, my assigned agent was changed at least 10 times during the 2 years. It was like starting over each time! I was $10,000 in the hole with them & I couldn’t get a modification packet complete. I emailed the same paperwork over & over again. Finally they told me the modification was denied and there was nothing else they could do for me! They were letting me go!!!! Just like that with no back up plan, no referrals, nothing. And all my savings gone! The bank continued the foreclosure process and was talking sheriff’s sale shortly. Every day was so stressful coming home looking to see if there was a notice of sheriff’s sale in 4 weeks posted on my door. I started to pack up my stuff!

I contacted Len about 11/15/2015. He was so knowledgeable about what this firm did & didn’t do and how I should handle it. He was never pushy about hiring him and he met me a few times for free consultation before I made the decision to retain him. He set up a payment plan that was affordable for us. Also, he handled my many frantic phone calls very delicately! He put together a plan immediately and called my bank. He had an alternate plan in place with bankruptcy, just in case the modification didn’t work out if my husband didn’t go back to work in time. Finally, in August 2016, my husband went back to work. The bank was at the end of the foreclosure process setting up the sheriffs sale. I cried daily! Len worked with the bank until they agreed to modify the loan! The whole time he was working with my bank he was still preparing me for the worst case scenario, bankruptcy. He had the paperwork done, all he had to do was submit to the courts, IF NEEDED.
We started the trial period in November 2016, and the bank gave me a new loan starting March 1, 2017! We were able to not do the bankruptcy and save our credit!
Len and his staff were incredible! He answered all my emails, texts & calls, even on the weekends! He kept me calm and listened to me when I needed to vent. He did all the paperwork for me. The other firm had me filling out piles of papers and searching for info & documents myself!
It was amazing to see how people skills & caring could be the factor that makes all the difference!
This is the first time in 4 years that I feel like I can take a deep breath in and just relax knowing everything is going to be O.K. And it’s all thanks to Len and his staff!!!!

If you ever need legal advice call Len Boyer, he will not steer you wrong, I promise!

– Janice ★★★★★

Excellent counsel

Excellent counsel in foreclosure and bankruptcy matters in NJ

– anonymous ★★★★★

Caring and Proffesional

I came to Leonard Boyer after receiving a complaint notice related to a minor automobile accident. Leonard acted in a prompt and friendly manner to find the best possible approach in devising and executing a defensive legal strategy to handle the injury claims. He provided an excellent level of knowledge, legal support and compassion which helped our family through a difficult time.

– Dave ★★★★★

An Attorney Who Cares

Mr Boyer and his Paralegal, Martha were very helpful and put my fears at ease with my bankruptcy case. Mr Boyer also personally and promptly replied to an email during off hours which I’ve never experienced from any attorney. Very professional, great results and I will use his valuable service again in the future.

– Joe ★★★★★


I used the services of Leonard Boyer and had a positive experience. Leonard along with his senior paralegal Martha, helped me in this difficult time (bankruptcy) to explain things well and to go forward in the most efficient way. Every client has unique circumstances and their experience shows to be very capable to deal with the situation no matter what it is. Also they were always available and attentive to answer any questions or concerns.

– Robert T . ★★★★★

Correct info soooo important…

Mr. Boyer was though in his explanation to my question. He actuallly answered two questions as I miss wrote what it was I needed. My question was about a continuance but I asked about an appeal…The answers was timely and correct of course Thx very much.

– anonymous    

Professional Lawyer

I recently used Mr Boyer for a Bankruptcy case. His professionalism and attentativenes to my case was on point. Him and his paralegal Martha were there every step of the way and were always available to answer any question I had in a timely manner. I would highly recommend him.

– anonymous ★★★★★

My Legal Knight in Shining Armor

From the very first moment I contacted Leonard, I could feel his confidence and was immediately able to relax. No longer did I feel I had to fight my legal woes alone. I now had a fierce advocate.
Hiring Leonard was one of the best decisions of my life.
Mr. Boyer is a super star/rock star attorney!!! Not only is he a nice person, but he is calm, very knowledgeable, determined, decisive, and witty. He gladly takes the time as necessary to discuss the different legal pathways that could be taken during our legal case and never fails to leave me full of confidence. He is very honest, reliable and down to earth and from the first moment we spoke, I have felt that I was now surrounded by this ‘legal hedge of protection’.
Leonard and his equally fantastic partner Chong S. Kim, worked together seamlessly to insure that my interests and well being were always protected and that we always got the biggest bang for our buck, philosophically speaking.
As a current (and life long) client, I know for a fact the awesomeness of this dynamic duo! Rest assured and fear not because this team of legal superstars will politely return to sender your anxieties, worries, fears and your challenges and/or challengers will begin to drop/fall/self-destruct/disappear or vaporize.
I am confident and proud to say Leonard and his partner, Chong S. Kim are is my lawyers, advocates and now even friends. They truly care about their clients and their situations and do their level best to make sure you are in a better position then you were initially and able to thrive.
I am honored and delighted to recommend Leonard and wish him nothing but the best always. He truly is my legal knight in shining armor!

– SRP ★★★★★

Gabriel Nyenator

I’m so pleased with Leonard. After my initial consultation my stress level significantly decreased. He was the consummate professional, he offered various avenues to remedy my situation. He was patient and through. On the day he represented me all went well. I will recommend him with no reservations.

– Gabriel Nyenator ★★★★★

Foreclosure and Bankruptcy

I went to Atty Boyer as a recommendation from another attorney in Florida. Leonard was and continues to be very receptive to our concerns about our property in foreclosure and the filing of bankruptcy. He continues to represent us through this process and has handled all of our concerns with the entire process..

– Loren ★★★★★

Trust Worthy and Patient

Mr. Leonard Boyer is not only extremely competent and knowledgeable, he genuinely cares about his clients needs and strives to get the best results possible. Mr. Boyer took over my case and through the transition, not only did he take the time to know me, but he would go out of his way in making sure that all materials were completed with satisfaction and that I was completely comfortable with the process. I was extremely pleased with the outcome. In addition, he is extremely patient. I would recommended Mr. Boyer 100%; he is professionally the best! – Karleen

– Karleen ★★★★★

Helps Vets

Attorney Boyer represented me pro bono (free) for a complex divorce case. He spent countless hours working on my case which resulted in a favorable outcome for me. I really appreciate all he’s done for my children and I. He cares about veterans and likes to give back to the community. Not to mention he has years of experience behind him.

– mzbarrister ★★★★★

Knowledgeable and Helpful Attorney

Leonard was very informative and helpful through the entire process. He answered his phone any time that I contacted him, day and night.

– anonymous ★★★★★

Bravo for Boyer

I came to attorney Boyer in a complex divorce matter. Not knowing how it would turn out, I went with Boyer because he isn’t easily intimidated. Despite the difficult issues stemming from my situation, he wasn’t taken off guard or by surprise and always managed to be ready right on time despite deadlines. The outcome in my case was extremely favorable and he didn’t nickel and dime me. He likes what he does and is good at it.

– Roxanne ★★★★★

Very trusted attorney

Mr.Boyer is an attorney passionate and effectively represented me.

He always answered all my questions . And was readily available , even outside normal business hours.He is knowledgeable , professional and very emotional charged and I was under a great deal of stress and pressure , he calmed me down . He won my Domestic Violence Trial !
I highly recommend Him.

G.D………. Family Law Client

– Greg ★★★★★

Wonderful Experienced Lawyer!

Leonard assisted me with my bankruptcy case. He was very patient and kind in taking the time to explain to me all the steps involved. Also, communication was wonderful as we were able to email on a regular basis the status of my petition. He was always available to me and responded to all of my inquiries in a timely manner. He was also highly affordable especially compared to other bankruptcy attorneys. I would highly recommend Leonard for anyone considering filing for bankruptcy.

– Sofia ★★★★★

very good experience

Punctual and reliable. Kept me updated and explained things clearly, as I was knew to this.
Answered questions politely and thoroughly, never condescending or rude.

– anonymous ★★★★★

Hands Down Excellent Lawyer!!!! Happy Client!

I was referred to Attorney Boyer regarding Landlord/Tenant, Fraud, and Personal Injury by my family lawyer. This attorney is hands down excellent. He is consistent with his communication with his clients, he gets his work done on a timely manner and he is a very smart and reliable lawyer. I never had any worries or doubts about him representing me and my family and he has done a great job. I am a very happy client and if you want a lawyer who will listen to your concerns and help you with whatever case you need done this is the lawyer you should speak to. He is amazing at his work and you will not be turned down at all! Excellent lawyer hands down.

– anonymous ★★★★★

Great Lawyer!

Attorney Boyer is a very knowledgable, intelligent attorney who is highly dedicated to his clients. He is very accessible, and has won some very difficult cases for me. He explained every step of the legal processes involved to me and always kept me in the “loop.” I would highly recommend Attorney Boyer as he is extremely trustworthy and gets the job done!

– anonymous ★★★★★

Trusted attorney!

I would highly recommend Mr. Boyer for his dilligence, his timely response to my emails, his expert knowledge in all bankruptcy laws, and his trustworthiness to get the job done.

– iris ★★★★★

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