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New Jersey Patent Registration and Enforcement

Your intellectual property deserves full protection. Patent law grants you the tools you need to keep your ideas safe. A skilled patent lawyer, Emmanuel Coffy can assist you with all aspects of the patent process, providing you with much-needed peace of mind and confidence in the security of your intellectual property.

Academic History

Emmanuel Coffy has a diverse academic background. His extensive technical understanding provides him with a clear advantage as a patent prosecution and enforcement attorney, especially in the electronic arts.

Before expressing interest in pursuing legal training, Emmanuel Coffy attended the Bridgeport Engineering Institute, the Florida Institute of Technology, and the Stevens Institute of Technology, where he was involved with the Technology Management Ph.D. program. Upon deciding to pursue a career in patent law, he enrolled at the Seton Hall University School of Law, where he earned his Juris Doctor.

Professional Background

Emmanuel Coffy has a long and impressive history working in digital and information technology and device physics, including semiconductor applications. He initially honed his understanding of patent law while working as a examiner for the United States Patent & Trademark Office. This valuable position has granted him an insider’s view of the patent process. Additionally, he has served as an associate for the The Farrell Law Firm, Cozen O’connor, and Wall & Tong, LLP.

Currently, Emmanuel Coffy serves the community as a registered patent attorney. His work encompasses many facets of patent law. He drafts and reviews patent applications, and offers valuable validity analysis services. He is willing to assist his clients through alternative dispute resolution or litigation, depending on what proves necessary for each unique situation.

Why Emmanuel Coffy?

Emmanuel Coffy is uniquely qualified as a patent lawyer. Not only does he boast an extensive understanding of patent law, he has the technical knowledge to back up his legal skills. Clients appreciate his in-depth understanding of the technology that underlies their patents, as well as his ability to draw on that knowledge to ensure a favorable case outcome. He explains the intricacies of patent law thoroughly, ensuring that clients proceed through the patent process with full understanding and personal confidence.

Whether you’re hoping to file a patent application or defend an existing patent, you’re better off with a skilled attorney on your side. Reach out today to learn more about Emmanuel Coffy’s professional achievements and approach to law.