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At the Boyer Coffy, LLC. we are constantly motivated and strive to provide our clients with:


We provide answers and analysis of legal problems in a clear and concise way showing our clients caring, compassion and, respect.


Our clients are able to easily and effectively communicate with us. They are provided not only with our office phone and e-mail address, but also our cell phones. This enables us to provide regular communication between our clients and their attorneys, so their case has a personal touch. We treat all clients with respect and dignity, no matter what their situation, and every client’s case is equally important to us.

Aggressive Effective Advocacy to enable your case to progress towards the most favorable possible resolution, given the existing law and the facts and circumstances of your case.


Affordable experienced and effective representation of our clients.


Our attorneys regularly take continuing legal education courses and subscribe to publications to keep our knowledge current and up to date.


We offer state-of-the-art Zoom video conferencing so you can “meet” with your attorney from the comfort and safety of your own home. We can handle almost all types of legal matters through a combination of email, physical mail and electronic filing. This can be accomplished almost 24/7.

Client Reviews
  • "Mr Boyer is a very successful and helpful Lawyer, Also an encouraging and responsible person. Thank you very much Mr Boyer and Marta (who works for him )." - Seher

  • "I just finished writing a book and hired a graphic designer to illustrate it. Mr. Coffy drafted a contract for us both to sign and it was excellent! He created several clauses in the contract that addressed issues that I would have not even considered. He definitely knows how to think outside of the box." - Matthew

  • "Mr Boyer answered all the questions we had regarding our bankruptcy and made a difficult time in our lives much easier! Leonard Roy Boyer’s response: “Thank you very much for the kind words Mike. I am glad that I was able to help and make a positive difference in your life. ”" - Mike

  • "Both my wife and I were very pleased with Mr. Boyer and his entire firm's staff. Ms. Martha was great as well. Aside from his professionalism, he has solid people skills. Leonard Roy Boyer’s response: “Thank you Tomas. We appreciate all our clients. We enjoy being able to help them and whenever possible make their lives better. ”" - Tomas

  • "Mr. Boyer has helped us tremendously with our case. Nobody else dedicated so much attention to detail and effort. We cannot thank him and his staff enough. Leonard Roy Boyer’s response: “Thank you, it is a pleasure to know that my efforts and that of my staff were able to help you and make a positive difference.”" - anonymous

  • "Hiring Leonard Boyer was the best decision I made; he and his office manager Martha Cordova were with me through the entire timeshare exit process; thank you for your professionalism and patience, I would highly recommend Leonard and his team" - Altagracia Rodriguez

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